Guidelines and Rules


Due to state statute, ALL alcoholic beverages consumed on the premises must be purchased at the Clubhouse bar.

Golfers, please sign in at the clubhouse prior to starting play and start on hole #1, unless instructed otherwise by the Clubhouse personnel. Thank you for not "cutting" in front of other golfers and following proper golf etiquette. This would include, among general golfing guidelines, fixing ball marks on the greens, repairing divots, allowing golfers to "play through" when the situation is warranted and not driving too close to the greens.


All play will be conducted in accordance with the rules of golf as published by USGA, except as modified by local rules.

All Golfers must start on Hole #1 unless instructed by the Clubhouse Manager to do otherwise.

The president, members of the board of directors, other officers, and/or persons designated by them, shall be authorized to maintain order on the entire course, including the clubhouse and any other facilities, and shall be empowered to order any person, not adhering to the rules and regulations or by-laws of the country club, from the course.